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Nigel Spencer

Nigel Spencer is one of Canada’s outstanding translators and has received the Governor General’s Literary Award for three translations of Marie-Claire Blais: Thunder and Light (2002), Augustino and the Choir of Destruction (2007) and Mai at the Predators’ Ball (2012). He has translated books and songs for Poet Laureate Pauline Michel, as well as articles, plays and poems for periodicals such as Time Magazine, Ellipse, Rampike and the Canadian Theatre Review. He also translates for the Montréal Symphony Orchestra and for playwright Évelyne de la Chenelière. His film-subtitling includes Raoul Wallenberg: The Angel of Budapest, A Season in the Life of Emmanuel, and Marie-Claire Blais: Illuminations, as well as a series of documentaries on popular culture for Bravo! Channel. He has lived in England, Africa, Toronto and Sherbrooke, but makes his home in Montréal.

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