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Marc A. Berthiaume

From an early age, Marc Berthiaume always had his nose buried in a book, from Edgar Rice Burroughs to Hardy Boys, and he kept reading all through French school. His turning point in writing was discovering the works of many other authors, particularly Rejean Ducharme, Sylvia Plath, Ken Kesey and Leonard Cohen. From this passion for reading, he went on to study and received a degree in Filmmaking, and practiced that craft, mostly as a cinematographer and camera operator for 28 years. Working in cinema allowed him to frame my narratives in storytelling. He has written scripts and short stories, and has directed three films. In the late 2000s, he took a side trip to work in music, as a stage manager and gear technician for big rock bands, allowing him to see the world. He has driven across the United States many times, from east to west and north to south. Since returning to Québec, he has focused more on writing novels and is currently working on a feature script, while consulting on another. Caroline Of A Thousand Miles is his first novel.

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