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Caroline of a Thousand Miles

After witnessing the death of a loved one, Caroline embarks on a road trip. She is spurred on by a familiar calling, a hope of cleansing her consciousness, of taking a spirit walk.rnWith no true destination, Caroline drives around the United States in her Mercedes Benz. On her travels, she crosses paths with many different people, each with their own story to tell. However, unbeknownst to Caroline, when she leaves to continue her journey, their journey ends.rnIn a chance encounter in New Mexico, she meets Elisa, a young girl working in a coffee shop. Against Caroline’s better instinct, Elisa joins her for the last leg of the journey, as Caroline heads back to her home in Maine. However, with Elisa along for the ride, things take a different turn. Caroline’s path, her spirit walk, will finally become clearer as she reaches the end of this, her Homeric voyage.rnThis is not a ghost story, nor is it a horror story. For buried within is a story of love, of what we do for it and how far we would go for it.

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