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The Virus Within: A Coming Epidemic

The Virus Within is the product of Nicholas Regush’s pioneering investigation into Human Herpes Virus 6 (HHV-6): the mysterious new epidemic that has already done serious damage to public health. The first medical reporter to take a comprehensive look at this horrifying and pervasive disease, Regush presents his findings in the form of a medical thriller, following the trail of the research detectives who have crossed disciplines to piece the story together. How can HHV-6, a common virus which purportedly goes to sleep harmlessly in the body after initial infection in almost everyone, awaken to trigger or contribute to serious illness or even death? How can this chameleon suddenly begin to attack nerves, resulting in a variety of brain and nervous system diseases, including multiple sclerosis? Why is HHV-6 the key to understanding AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome? In The Virus Within, Regush offers cutting-edge scientific information in an accessible, stimulating format-stunning research with profound health implications for everyone.

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