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The Future Jew

The Future Jew argues that the time has come for the Jewish people to set aside their antique devotions, and reshape Judaism as ordained by intellectual integrity. In the past the Jews gave the world monotheism. In the future they must lead in establishing global secularism and a world liberated from the irrational, chronic, bloody antagonisms born of religious superstition.rnrnrnThe book demonstrates that the Jewish people have not responded honestly to several millennia of evidence. Most glaringly, they have not yet responded decisively to the Holocaust. They have failed to turn their backs on the discredited idea of God, and have failed to recognize the Holocaust as a radical turning point in their history. The Future Jew declares that the extermination of six million innocents could only have happened in a world devoid of divinity.rnrnrnCarin’s petition to his fellow Jews to abolish faith and God, in the name of the six million, is also an appeal to all his fellow humans to start acting like same.

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