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The Biker Who Shot Me: Recollections of a Crime Reporter

On September 13, 2000, Michel Auger was shot in the back six times in the parking lot across the street from the offices of Le Journal du Montréal. The gun used was a modified .22-calibre Ruger Mark II assassin’s pistol equipped with a silencer. It should have been lethal but, miraculously, while two bullets hit his spine and one remains lodged there, he was on his feet again within weeks. He has resumed his normal life. For Michel Auger, over a period of thirty years, normal life has involved reporting on the activities of criminals. He covered the Mafia in the era when a few crime families carved out territories in eastern North America. He observed the various attempts by reformers to clean up vice and violent crime in Montreal. From the beginning of the 1990s Auger has followed the growth of the biker gangs, and especially of the Hells Angels. Michel Auger has written a frank, fascinating, sometimes funny account of his life as a crime reporter, with particular attention to his brush with death and the events that followed it. This is the memoir of a courageous man that gives remarkable insight into the recent history of crime in Canada. Translated by Jean-Paul Murray.

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