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Tell No One Who You Are: The Hidden Childhood of Régine Miller

Anyone reading this straightforward account of how Régine Miller hid out in four Belgian households while her parents and brother were taken by the Nazis may not guess the difficulties the author and subject went through to produce it. Although Régine worked in publishing her entire adult life, she could not write this book herself. It took the sympathetic listening of a young reporter to elicit the painful memories she had repressed for 50 years. To hear the tapes of the first interview – the tentativeness, the pauses, the fear, is to realise how hard it was for Régine to face again the terror of her three years in hiding. Régine might have given up the ordeal, had it not been for the encouragement of her daughter, who felt her mother’s story must be told, not just on her behalf, but on behalf of the thousands of other hidden children whose parents were killed in Nazi concentration camps.

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