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Overnight Sensation

Lenore Rutland is a savvy but unsophisticated singing waitresss in a zany Montreal theme restaurant. Her neighbour, Reine Ducharme, an expert gardener and maman to a pair of spoiled lap dogs, has gone to jail for poisoning six fellow jury members. Lenore finds herself playing foster-maman to the unruly dogs. When she takes them to obedience school, Brioche and Montcalm are “discovered,” and soon they’re starring in a Titanic movie-of-the-week.rnrnLenore achieves her own comic fame, first winning instant notoriety by accidently embarrassing the host of the hot TV chat show Fiona!, and then shooting to stardom in an amateur musical comedy on the stage of the Centaur Theatre. In her frenetic story, romance advances and recedes, and there are laughs aplenty and plot complications galore. Overnight Sensation is the richly entertaining sequel to Colleen Curran’s hilarious first novel, Something Drastic and, like it, contains more than a kernel of psychological truth in its humorous core.

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