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Only a Fool’s Game

Set in Canada’s picturesque Atlantic provinces, Only A Fool’s Game is a romance full of adventure and stratagems, deception and heartache. It is the story of every young couple who has ever had to overcome religious and language differences for the sake of love, only to have it brutally wrenched away from them. Terry Hart despises everything connected with the Canadian Armed Forces, especially servicemen. Unable to let go of the past, Terry has firmly closed the book on love. She has been hiding behind a false sense of security for so long that when she finally encounters Mitchell Holding, her lack of self-confidence almost stops her from reaching out to him. She wonders if she can ever trust anyone enough to give her heart away again. Mitchell Holding seems to have everything. He believes that a successful career in the Navy is the only passion he needs, until he meets the enchanting and beautiful Terry Hart. His assurance and friendliness are intriguing even to Terry, who is not consciously searching for love. His obsession with truthfulness combined with an idealistic nature, however, soon lead to problems. Will he risk everything to win her heart?

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