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Life In The Singular: Selected Poems 1993-1999

“This collection of mental landscapes overflows with visions, some as haunting as half-remembered dreams, nightmarish or joyous, depending on where the dreamer’s gaze comes to rest. The poetic effect of this process is mesmerizing, similar to a convoluted mantra, soothing as sleep but with the imperious and obsessive knowledge that one must awake and live it all over again, or endless variations of it, in the dimension we call reality. The reader is swept along with these hypnotic currents, unable to escape the nets cast and recast that hold him in their restless meshes long after the book is laid aside. The book is a brilliant tour de force by the poet in the contemplation of his own identity and, by so doing, of the secret of self, his own and that of the Other” – Daniel Sloate.

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