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Guilty Men: They Made Trump

The task of this book is to perform an act of memory. On January 20, 2017, a man patently, demonstrably, staggeringly unfit to hold the office of president of the United States took control of the White House. The result? A profound scar of shame now disfigures modern American history. The book Guilty Men does not focus its indictment on that man, however, but rather upon the principal leaders of the Republican Party, and other men of influence, who facilitated his victory. The guilty men turned their backs on the character of their country. They betrayed American tradition and American values. They failed in their duty to stop a pathological liar and would-be authoritarian from reaching the highest office in the land. These men must be taken before the bar of justice, even if justice is delivered only by historians – or by books like Guilty Men. With any luck, the rage and recrimination within this book will serve as an enabling act of memory, and thereby help future generations of Americans avert similar national shame.

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