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Guests of Chance

What does a woman do when her best friend falls for a handsome, stiff-upper-lip Englishman? Lenore, the gutsy heroine of Guests of Chance, jumps on a plane with Heidi, a lovestruck Concordia professor, to see if Heidi’s long-distance romance is the real thing. Akin to Bridget Jones’s Diary and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Guests of Chance is a laugh-filled romp through the English countryside with two inexperienced thirty-something travellers. Alas, the boyfriend is a toad, but before the adventure ends, Lenore finds herself playing the lead in a musical version of Noddy and caring for two abandoned children. Thank goodness her patient boyfriend, a Montreal policeman, awaits at journey’s end! Lenore will enchant new readers and make those who met her in Something Drastic and Overnight Sensation fall in love with her all over again.

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