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Anne Villeneuve was born in Montreal in 1966. As far as she can recall, she’s always held a crayon or a brush in her hands. She tries to draw every day, even on vacation, curious of her surroundings and eager to observe every aspect of her environment. Her passion for images and storytelling was the starting point for her career as author and illustrator, which she has been fulfilling for over 25 years.rnAnne has written and illustrated close to 40 books, created games for magazines, illustrated for newspapers and designed cake boxes for a bakery. She’s also worked on “scenography” for Cirque du Soleil shows, murals for soft drinks and posters for the Dairy Farmers of Canada. Over the years, her work has earned her many distinguished recognitions, such as the Governor General’s Literary Award and the Québec/Wallonie-Bruxelles Literary Award in 2000, the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award in 2005 and 2009, and the Mr. Christie’s Book Award in 1998. She’s met with hundreds of kids across Canada, with whom she’s shared her passion for literature and art. She now teaches watercolor and drawing at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.rnThe artists she looks up to are Matisse, Klee, Riopelle and Basquiat. She lives in Montreal, where she shares her home with her husband, daughter and two lazy cats.rn

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