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Norman Spatz

Originally from New Jersey, Norman Spatz arrived in Montreal in the early 1970s. Norm spent a decade and a half working in Montreal as an architect specializing in residential renovation, for which he won First Prize in the 1982 Crédit Foncier Award sponsored by Heritage Canada.

Norman Spatz was a founder of the historic walking tour program Save Montreal in 1975, now administered by Heritage Montreal. In retirement, Norman developed another walking tour program with a focus on the history of neighbourhoods in the west central districts of Montreal which currently have a large Jewish population.

Norman entered the Province of Quebec’s unique junior college system, the Cégeps, in 1989 teaching Architectural Technology in French. He retired teaching English as a Second Language. In between he became the English Editor of a Ministry of Education website to promote the use of information technology in CEGEPs.

Books written by Norman Spatz