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Peter Pitseolak

Peter Pitseolak was born in 1902 on the southeast coast of Baffin Island at Cape Dorset. During his lifetime, he lived through the enormous changes his people, the Seekooseelakmiut, experienced over the next half century, during which they moved from a nomadic hunting life to that of a settled community. Now the people of Seekooseelak produce some of the most exciting carvings and prints that come out of the Arctic.rnrnrnEarly in his life, Pitseolak became aware that the traditional way of life of the Seekooseelakmiut would soon disappear. He spent much of his life recording the old ways in every means that came his way – drawings, paintings, prints, recordings, and in an invaluable body of photographs which span the period from the early 1940s to his death in 1973.

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