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Edward Hillel

Edward Hillel is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist. He engages history, memory, place and community to produce works that are at once personal and reflect upon society and the human condition.rnrnSince the mid-80’s he has explored photography and photo-based media. From black and white photographic portraits and narrative videos to images and installations employing photographs, videos and film, archives and found materials, projected sounds and reflective surfaces, his works are carried out within a framework of social engagement and collaboration.rnrnSite-specific projects in Berlin, Grenoble, Manchester, Montreal, New York, Nice, Paris, Prague, Venice and elsewhere have garnered the German Critics Visual Arts Prize (Berlin), The Golden Sheaf Film Award (Canada), the Prix Alain de Rothschild (France) and the Spiro Institute Arts Award (UK). His works have circulated widely through exhibitions, print, broadcast and social media.rnrnEdward was born in Baghdad, Iraq and grew up in Montreal, Canada. He studied political science and philosophy at McGill University and spent several years working as a community organizer. Between 1990-2000 he resided in Paris and in 2006 opened a studio in New York. He is currently Founder & Director of the Harlem Biennale.

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