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John K. Grande

Author, poet and curator John K. Grande contributed extensively to the Canadian and international arts communities, particularly in the field of art and ecology. Publications include Balance: Art and Nature (Black Rose Books, 1994), Intertwining: Landscape, Technology, Issues, Artists (Black Rose Books, 1998), Jouer avec le feu: Armand Vaillancourt: Sculpteur engag√© (Montreal: Lanctot, 2001), Art Nature Dialogues (SUNY Press, New York 2003), Dialogues in Diversity; Art from Marginal to Mainstream (Pari, Italy 2007), Homage to Jean-Paul Riopelle (Prospect Press /Gaspereau Press, 2011) Art Allsorts: Writings on Art & Artists (Random Tree Editions, 2012), Nils-Udo: Sur l’Eau (Actes Sud, France, 2016), and Art, Space, Ecology: Two Views-Twenty Interviews (Univ. of Chicago Press, 2018). John has read his poetry in Ireland, Belgium, India, Poland, Hungary, Canada and the United States. He has co-authored le Mouvement Intuitif; Patrick Dougherty (Atelier 340, Bruxelles 2003), Natura Humana; Bob Verschueren (Editions Mardaga, Brussels, 2010) and Andre Fournelle (Del Busso, 2016), and many others. His World Walk poetry project is ongoing.rn

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