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Anthony Genova

Anthony Genova was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. He has been involved with many practices of art since he was a young child including visual art, music and poetry. He firmly believes that an artist should not be limited to one practice and to honestly express oneself an individual needs to have all outlets available to them.rn rnHe currently lives in Montreal with his loved wife Maria and his daughter Adara, his dog Nalah, his cat Aloysius Devadander Abercrombie and his hated cat Dr. Merlin Jones.rn rn“The nature of an acorn is to grow into an oak. But, not every acorn does. The nature of a human is to grow into everything it can and not just what it has become. Sometimes you just can’t let go. And never does it stop. This life is beyond us, but the experience isn’t. It can open the soul if you just let go. It’s what is needed to make you beautiful. You are to write a memory stain.”rn

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