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Best-selling author and researcher Holly Dressel has become one of Canada’s most recognized names in environmental studies, health care history and practices, economic concerns and aboriginal issues. rnrnProfessor Dressel is an adjunct professor at McGill School of the Environment, a very active board member of E-Tech International (a U.S. and South American-based NGO providing engineering advice to indigenous groups and governments faced with mining projects), and a well-known Canadian author and activist, especially in the areas of food, agriculture and water and habitat protection.rnrnHer last two environmental books, co-written with David Suzuki, Good News for a Change and More Good News, provide templates for sustainable agricultural, conservation and social systems. Their first book together, From Naked Ape to Super-species, tackles the economic basis of the environmental crisis. rnrnDressel lives on a farm west of Montreal and has worked for two decades with grassroots rural and agricultural groups such as the Coalition Rural du Haut St-Laurent, Beyond Factory Farming and Union Paysanne. She is also the author of a major work on the Canadian health care system, Who Killed the Queen? The Story of a Community Hospital and How to Fix Health Care, published by McGill-Queen’s. This is the only book in print that analyses Canada’s health care system in comparison with that of other countries, especially the U.S., and demonstrates why it obtains its remarkable result, which continues to make the Canadian population among the healthiest in the world, despite many attacks against it in recent years.

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