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John Buell

John Buell was born in Montreal in 1927. He began writing radio dramas around 1947 for the St. Genesius Players Guild (the Genesians) in Montreal, and he directed plays for the Loyola College Dramatic Society. He also wrote several novels, as well as short plays and other pieces. His novels include The Pyx (1959), Four Days (1962), The Shrewsdale Exit (1972), Playground (1976), and A Lot To Make Up For (1990). His novels have been published in some 40 editions and seven languages. Hollywood produced a film in 1973 from his novel The Pyx. A Canadian company produced a film version of Four Days in 1998. The Shrewsdale Exit was made into a film in France in 1973 under the title L’Agression, starring Catherine Deneuve and Jean-Louis Trintignant. He passed away in 2013.

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