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For me, writing is a passion. I wake early, usually around 4 am, and if I can put in 3 hours before breakfast, I’m happy the rest of the day.rnrnI first began writing when I returned from overseas 15 years ago and I now have 6 novels published, plus my recent work of non-fiction.rnrnIn my day job, I’m a consultant specializing in the field of marketing, branding and communications, having worked and traveled extensively across 5 continents. At various times I’ve been based in London, New York, Singapore and Beijing — but these days I prefer to spend as much time as possible back in Canada.rnrnMy home is in Montreal where I got to know Charlotte, the venerable subject of my book Lunch with Charlotte. I’m also fortunate to have a country property where I spend my weekends, and it was here that I met the unique animal which inspired my novel Horse.

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