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Anita Aloisio

Anita Aloisio is a documentary filmmaker and media cultural correspondent. Since obtaining her BA in Communications Studies, Anita, one of only a few female Italian-Québécois-Canadian filmmakers, wrote and directed two documentary films. Her films and media work revolve around issues of immigration, language, culture and politics particular to Québécois and Canadian society. In addition to her independent cinematic works, Anita has obtained her Masters degree in Media Studies in 2016. Her areas of research focus on Italian-Québécois and Canadian experience. rnHer first film, Straniera Come Donna — A Woman, a Stranger (2002), was co-produced with the ministry of immigration and the NFB, explored the influence of cultural and social tradition on women of Italian origin in Québec. Her second documentary, titled Les enfants de la loi 101, Growing up with Bill 101 (2007), a highly controversial film, is being used in Québec Studies departments in several of Montreal universities. Her third film, Calliari QC, provides insight about Italian-Québécois artists, their personal artistic path and multilayered identities. She has given several public lectures in various international universities about the topic. Recently, she founded together with 7 other women the “Alliance Donne Italian Women of Québec”, that advocates for the representation and valorization of the accomplishments women of Italian heritage have made in various sectors. In her leisure time, Anita enjoys dance, reading and of course cooking.

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