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Monique Polak


Monique Polak lives in Montreal, where she spends her days doing her two favourite things: writing and teaching. In addition to being a frequent contributor to The Gazette and Canwest newspapers, Polak is the author of many young adult novels. She has also taught English and Humanities at Marianopolis College in Montreal since 1985. Her novel “What World Is Left” won the 2009 QWF Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature, the ALA Best Books for Young Adults 2010, and the CCBC Best Books Award in 2010. “Flip Turn”, “On the Game”, “All In”, “Finding Elmo”, and “Scarred” were selected by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre for its Our Choice lists. All In was also nominated for an Arthur Ellis crime-writing prize, and Resource Links included “Scarred” on its Best of 2007 list.

Books by Monique Polak

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