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Working on Sunday: A Geoffrey Chadwick Novel

With retirement fast approaching, acerbic Westmount lawyer Geoffrey Chadwick had begun to anticipate enjoying the golden years in the company of his friend Patrick Fitzgerald. Instead, Patrick’s sudden death has left Geoffrey alone to face an emotionally bleak future — and the prospect of having to deal with Christmas obligations does little to lift his mood.rnrnThen, attentive holiday hostess Audrey Crawford introduces Geoffrey to recently widowed Elinor Richardson, who has just returned to her native city after years in Toronto, and each quickly finds in the other a kindred spirit.rnrnBut Geoffrey is also secretly having to face far more sinister forces than consumerism, eggnog, overcooked turkey, sister Mildred, and randy drinking pal Larry Townsend II. In fact, despite his brave social face, a voice from Geoffry’s past threatens to make this Christmas his last.

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