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Wordplay: Arranged & Deranged Wit

To some extent, everyone plays with language and uses it as a form of recreation as well as a means of communication. Recognizing that the creation of true wit is a subjective endeavour, Richler suggests that the commission of language wit occurs not only wittingly, but also unwittingly and sometimes even half-wittedly. When we consciously manipulate language for the purpose of wit, Richler designates this process arranged wit, and because sometimes the humour seemingly emanates from the mind of a nitwit rather than a wit, Richler designates this deranged wit. Moreover, what appears to be deranged can be actually artfully arranged, or as Polonius might say, there is much method to the madness. Join Richler in Wordplay as he highlights the most whimsical English language writers throughout the ages and analyzes what constitutes both arranged and deranged wit. Prepare for giggles aplenty, and even belly laughs.

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