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What Comes After Cancer – A memoir for patients, family, and friends dealing with critical illness

Patricia Rodi’s memoir about surviving Stage IIIB Stomach Cancer will inform and inspire patients, family, and friends. A decade into remission, Patricia decided to put the experience on paper. She shares intimate details about her grim prognosis, risky surgery, grueling treatments, and the long road to recovery. In her thirties at the time of the diagnosis, independent and strong, she received a crash course in humility and how to ask for support during the most difficult period in her life. As other members of her large, extended family fell ill with cancer, her thoughts turned to cancer awareness and prevention, and the hope that her daughter would be spared. Through stories of peer mentoring with cancer organizations, Patricia encourages volunteering. Survivors of cancer are uniquely placed to help others facing the illness. And for Patricia, helping others has been the linchpin to survival and thriving. She also discusses the determination she mustered to write this book and get it out into the world, to leave a legacy her daughter can be proud of.

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