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West End Gang

In search of a diamond and errant daughter for a wealthy businessman, private investigator Daniel MacAlpine is drawn into a maelstrom centered around a gang war between Sean McLanahan, west end crime czar, and his lieutenant Gordon Murphy.rnrnMacAlpine’s satirical romp through Quebec’s English speaking community is peopled with characters like Wacko Willie McLeod, McLanahan’s chief enforcer, whose violent persona masks a less than macho secret; Brenda, Dan’s sometime squeeze, possessor of an appetite for communal sex matched only by her desire to reach the top of the corporate ladder; Gerry Hogan, “snitch” extraordinaire — if he can’t deliver the “skinny”, it doesn’t exist; Sister Martha Teresa, whose frequent twitching could conceal a desire for a return to a more temporal way of life; and Vic Sakowski, café owner, MacAlpine’s mentor and confidant in all matters lethal and sexual.

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