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Watching Out

“Fran Varady has a home, a job and a lead part in The Hound of the Baskervilles, being the current production at Fran¹s local pub, where Freddy the landlord is inordinately proud of his record as a theatrical entrepreneur.rnrnrnAll, however, is not as sanguine as it sounds, rehearsals are not going too well, Ganesh is not very keen on his part as Dr Watson, and even less keen when he learns that a real dog is to be part of the proceedings. Fran¹s job at the new Pizzeria San Gennaro, formerly the Hot Spud Cafe, is causing her some unease, but she cannot quite put her finger on the cause of her unease. Reekie Jimmie the proprietor of the aforementioned Hot Spud Cafe has remained in the new business as manager, but he doesn¹t seem to actually do anything. The food is good and the business seemed to be doing well, but it doesn¹t feel right to Fran. But not enough for her to leave and accept Susie Duke¹s offer for Fran to join her in Duke¹s Detective Agency. She does however, agree to driving lessons, with disastrous consequences.” Lizzie Hayes

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