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Unca Dave’s Wilderness

Adversity is a sweet gift wrapped in soiled newsprint. Pain is a reminder that we are still alive. Anxiety is fear of tomorrow, and guilt is fear of yesterday. At the bottom end, it’s about scrutinizing the tiny stuff that nobody cares about. Rocks, dead leaves, dirt, lint, dust, bugs, mice, and pocket change. At the top end, it’s about the miracle of life itself, of being alive and being surrounded by amazing, surprising, astounding living things. Both ends get seriously taken for granted. We live our lives in the safe middle ground, midway between the micro and the macro. Unca Dave’s Wilderness let’s us take a moment to ponder on how ducks learn how to count, or why trees talk to each other, or how a repulsive worm can become a butterfly. And how we, lowly humans, can also metamorphize.

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