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The Holy Hours

We all experience holy hours: times of epiphany, union, and heightened awareness. The Holy Hours is a collection of poems that celebrates myth, eros, landscape, the luminous making itself known in the midst of the everyday. These exquisitely crafted poems are both mysterious and illuminating. Much can be said in the concise intensity of lyric poetry, in the tradition from Sappho to Blake, Emily Dickinson to H.D. This is a form of poetry where language is evocative, each word is precise, and economy of diction becomes musical.rnrnrnThe Holy Hours is a thematic selection from the early poetry of Carolyn Zonailo—a gathering of CZ’s most lyrical, erotic and spiritual poems. The visionary poetry of The Holy Hours offers the gift of recognition, love for the world, and awe at the diversity of creation. Zonailo is a poet with an authentic voice and a unique imagination.

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