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The Flush of Victory: Jack Bottomly Among the Virgins

Major Jack (Bummo) Bottomly is a busy man. As second-in-command at DNDI (Air) Canadian Air Force Intelligence he must coddle his feeble-minded colonel, his wanking corporal, and his geekish new computer hacker. Intelligence gathering? Because of budget cuts, DNDI (Air) has to make do with second-hand copies of /Time/ and PR handouts from the CIA. But apparently the KGB wants to steal a clapped-out Canadian Forces aircraft. Jack would happily sell them one for the Soviet aeronautical museum, but then he learns the CIA is involved. With the help of bibulous Bluey Jones of the RAAF, Jack takes low cunning and mayhem to Vancouver, London, Switzerland and Amsterdam to uncover (and profit from) the conspiracy. It’s a comic epic celebrating that most under-rated of creatures, the loutish Canadian male. The first in a series of Jack Bottomly misadventures.

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