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The Ethical Imagination: Journeys of the Human Spirit

In the 2006 CBC Massey Lectures — the bestselling and most eagerly anticipated lecture series of the year — renowned ethicist and McGill University professor Margaret Somerville tackles some of the most contentious issues of our times, and proposes a brilliant new kind of ethical language and thought to help us navigate them.rnrnIn this timely, topical, and cogently argued book, Somerville asks: What does it mean to be human today, when mind-altering scientific breakthroughs are challenging our fundamental ideas of ourselves, how we relate to others and the world around us, and how we find meaning in life?rnrnSome of the controversial topics Somerville touches upon are our growing acceptance of new reproductive technologies, and our conundrums over the genetic modification of plants and animals. She eloquently proposes that it is only through our willingness to undertake a journey of the human imagination — by heeding our stories, myths, and moral intuition — that we can truly see, understand, speak about, and relate to the world around us, and thereby develop an ethics to guide us.

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