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The Deal

THE DEAL What would you do if you won 10 million dollars? Two women with vastly different lifestyles fabricate and collaborate in a strange scheme that only money can buy. Fate is determined to shake the souls of Dani and Mary who discover that winning the lottery can have unusual consequences. Dani Hann, a passionate artist, is making one more risky effort to change her life before she lowers her standards enough to settle for ordinary. She uses the alchemy of words and music to transform mundane reality into an exciting existence. Words turn a shameful affair with a married man into a play that includes the sad story of his wife and through this catharsis Dani finds forgiveness for her sins. When she falls in love with an actor who rejects her, she writes a story that heals her heart and eventually awards her with new love and a happier life. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of writing. Mary Wilson, Dani’s older cousin, is about to jettison decades of wedded disharmony to a philandering alcoholic. Her husband, Charles, is lining up a replacement for Mary when his liver revolts after a lifetime of liquored abuse. Soon after his death, Mary wins the lottery but involves Dani in a strange scheme that has Mary playing God, with Dani as her second in command.

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