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The Boy and the Crow

“The Boy and the Crow” is the gripping, fast-paced story of 16-year-old big city gang member, Daniel Cagney. Convicted of a crime in juvenile court, he is sentenced to spend a year’s probation on the Vermont farm of his grandparents, whom he has not seen for many years. From the moment he arrives at the farm, Danny struggles to adjust to his new life on foreign turf. He continues to believe that it is only a matter of time before he escapes to the city, but a young crow, which he almost kills one day, “conspires” to change his mind. Under his grandparents’ watchful eyes, Danny begins to resist the pull of the ghetto that he has left behind. He meets a beautiful girl who accepts him for who he is, but her zealous father wants him out of his daughter’s life for good. To make matters worse, Danny soon becomes the target of local bullies and the county sheriff. Then, his fellow gang members come calling.

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