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Survivors: Seven Short Stories

In these seven stories, survivors of the Holocaust play out that tragedy’s last acts.rnrnBarukh, in The Greenhorn, is a newly arrived immigrant in Montreal and is an oddity for reasons beyond the winter coat he continues to wear long into spring. As a dying request, Amalia, in Last Love, asks her husband to find her a young Parisian lover. In Edgia’s Revenge, Rella, a former kapo, loses her identity over the course of two decades in Montreal to the woman whose life she spared in the camps. François is the account of a crumbling marriage. In it, Leah takes on an imaginary lover. The wife in Little Red Bird imagines kidnapping a baby from the nursery in the hospital so that she will be able to love, nurture, and raise a child of her own. These are stories of exile, of life, loss, and love.

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