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Sunday Best

You’re invited to a Westmount wedding. Everyone who’s anyone will be there – if the affair gets off the ground. A reluctant Geoffrey Chaudwick has been recruited to give his niece away to the impeccably handsome son of Montreal socialite, Lois Fullerton – who has plans of her own for Geoffrey. However neither Lois’ seductive bank account nor her formidable feminine wiles can bring Geoffrey to heel. Despite his resolve to maintain a very careful distance from the lovely widow, somebody feels that Geoffrey is already too close. Close enought to follow, to threaten – to kill? The nasty notes are bad enough, but the knife wound to the front tire means war. Or is it just wedding nerves? The bride is diffident, the swarthy sexy chauffeur looks suspicious, and the bridegroom seems more interested in his future brother-in-law than in his future wife. Clearly, something is rotten in Westmount. Will Geoffrey live through the engagement to give the bride away?

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