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Sex Carnival

Maybe it was the day Bill Brownstein got invited to a brunch hosted by a porno filmmaker who wanted him to cover that afternoon’s sex shoot on a yacht. Maybe it was watching sensible suburban dentists and lawyers dressed in lederhausen cavorting with middle-aged women sporting skin-tight latex suits. Or maybe it was the dominatrix waitresses tying up their Wall Street customers in New York. One thing was certain: Bill realized that the world of sex had changed. Big time. Sex was happening everywhere, in the most unusual ways. It had become the world’s biggest-drawing show.rnrnrnBill had the nerve to ask us to buy him a ticket. We actually said Okay. Then he promptly took off on this amazing trip to the sex capitals of Europe and North America, a one-man odyssey that brought him into ridiculously close contact with the porno-erotic carnival that is swirling around us.rnrnrnSex Carnival is the whimsical record of his journey. Your tour begins backstage at the Porno Oscars in Las Vegas, where image means squat and endurance is everything. Then take a trek through the Playboy mansion in L.A. with Hef himself, or sign up for a crash course on the fine art of fellatio with the world’s foremost instructor, a woman with how many dildos in her dishwasher? No way. Get juicy in the Big Apple —really —or one of the city’s renowned dominatrixes will whip you into shape. Not enough? Take in Amsterdam’s famed Red Light district like it’s never been taken in before, and hit the world’s biggest sex museums to lap up culture from the mildly titillating to the downright raunchy. Then move on to fashion sex in Paris (what exactly is it about the French?) and turn up the heat in Montreal, where swingers, fetishists, porn stars, lap-dancers, and naked coiffeurs burn up the sex carnival turf. Don’t wait outside in the cold! Grab your… whatever… and come along for the ride.

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