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Road to Thunder Hll

Over the years Trish and Ray have forged a stable family life, despite a rocky beginning almost twenty years earlier — living with their friends on a communal farm that ended badly. Now they are all coming to terms with life in their forties, but Trish has become angry and insecure. She suddenly finds herself faced with an ailing marriage, a teenaged daughter who would prefer to live with her alcoholic grandmother than at home, and an annoying half-sister, Olive, whom Trish has been taught to believe is no blood relation. This cheery take-charge half-sister, now living in Trish’s childhood summer home, seems bent on destroying the last shreds of Trish’s sense of self.When a freak April snow storm hits Thunder Hill and the power goes out, Trish finds herself in a compromising situation with her hermit/hippie friend, Bear James, who also happens to be her husband’s closest friend.

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