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Road of Metamorphoses

Like the classic fairy tales, this fable provides an antidote for the malaise of our times. Set in a mythical kingdom, it inspires hope for those trapped in social roles beyond their control. Not everyone deals with fate’s cards in the same fashion, but for the pure of heart both the natural and the supernatural can provide help, even in the shape of a dragon. Modern magic, scientific wizardry, and genuine myth all play their roles in the unfolding of the story. Its events are easy to relate to in terms of contemporary political and social turmoil, as we await the outcomes of court intrigues and predicaments. As in life, there are questions that leave us wanting more, even when the end brings resolution. The story pits diametrically opposed views of humanity against each other: the scorched-earth politics of kings versus the compassionate politics of hope. A tale for our times.

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