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Quest for the Eagle-Eye Amulet

Jack Fisher’s battles with Grimsnipe are far from over. He has been pulled back to Weaverworld to solve another mystery: the theft of his grandmother’s Eagle-eye amulet. Is her arch-enemy, Grimsnipe, behind the crime? Jack resolves to get her a new amulet, but to do so he must face his fears and return to Weaverworld. With his loyal guardians, Peter Bellamy and Lily Windhover, by his side—as well as some uninvited guests—Jack sets out on the journey of a lifetime. Along the way, he must prove that he is a worthy opponent to the powerful Grimsnipe. Jack’s ability to stay true to his goal and overcome overwhelming obstacles will serve him well on his quest. But the biggest challenge of his life awaits him. Can he rise to new heights of bravery to save his own life? “Rohan (Weaverworld: Grimsnipe’s Revenge, 2012) returns with the second installment in her fantasy series, in which young Jack must travel back to Weaverworld to replace his grandmother’s silver necklace. There’s plenty to keep young readers engrossed as shape-shifters, a flying ship and action-packed battles … keep the young hero fighting the odds as Grimsnipe closes in.” —Kirkus Reviews

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