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Passenger Flight

In Passenger Flight, Brian Campbell takes us on a harrowing but exhilarating ride through the heavy turbulence of the twenty-first century. In this collection of free-wheeling prose poems, we lift off from a worldly kitchen, float through cafés, city streets and suburban malls until we find ourselves suspended over the star-like constellations of a brightly lit city. Along the way, we visit a swamp, a desert, a mountain, an abattoir, oil slicks, drag race strips, missile sites, suicide bombings and realms of total video surveillance in this post-9/11 world. Not to mention quiet enclaves of love-making, evocations of primordial nature, phantasmagorical dreams, and a collage of erotically suggestive magazine pictures. Stories are told, cosmologies formed and smashed, until we discover the underlying affirmation that makes the whole trip worth it.

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