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One Cabin, One Cat, Three Years: One Couple’s Time in The Wilderness

In 2013 David and Jeanne Marler set out to fulfill their long held dream of living in the woods for a year. Before leaving their home in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, they contacted the editors of Tempo, the monthly news magazine in the Town of Lac Brome, to enquire whether they would be interested in receiving reports of the couple’s progress in the endeavour. They said, “Yes.” This book is based upon those articles.rnrnDavid Marler’s original intention was to produce a work echoing the objectives of Thoreau who, in addition to describing his daily life in his chosen wilderness, commented on the mores and politics of his time in his Walden. However, each time that he penned such a commentary, Marler realized that it detracted from the essence of their experience. The reaction to the Tempo articles proved that the unfolding of the tale of their daily lives was all that was required to engender intense interest and comment. Thus this memoir has to do exclusively with living in the woods.

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