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My Mad Hair Day

Malie is a little girl with huge, uncontrollable hair. And this morning, it seems wilder than ever. She tries to comb it. She tries to hide it, but nothing works! And things go from bad to worse when her mother sends her out to run some errands. rnrnAt the bakery, Malie’s hair sweeps a tray of cupcakes off the counter. A flock of birds makes her irresistible nest a home. A child on a tricycle slips and flips — but enjoys the softest landing in Malie’s hair.rnrnHer wild mane becomes more and more of a burden, both physically and emotionally. But after a quick nap, Malie can appreciate the world anew. She smells delicious cupcakes, hears a chorus of birds singing, and meets a new friend who happens to have curly hair, too. rnrnIn her eagerly anticipated authorial debut, Nathalie Dion draws on personal experience, hilarious hyperbole and delightful idioms to spin a tall tale that will tickle all readers — curly-haired or not.

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