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Mary, the First Disciple: A Guide for Transforming Today’s Church

This is a book about discipleship. It is a journey through the scriptural memory of Mary, starting with Mary’s and the women disciples’ presence in the Upper Room and at Pentecost.rnrnPresenting Mary as a model of Christian discipleship based solely on the Annunciation has limited her influence to private spirituality. This image has been used to silence and severely limit the role of women in the church.rnrnAzzarello presents a new reflection whereby a renewed image of Mary’s discipleship can speak more clearly to the reality of women and men trying to live their commitment as disciples of Jesus Christ. This renewed image arises when the Annunciation and Visitation are reconnected to Pentecost.rnrnThese scriptural reflections on Mary provide a prophetic, dynamic image of discipleship that can serve as a model for the contemporary church, one that is entirely consistent with the principles of the Second Vatican Council.

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