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Mafiaboy: How I Cracked the Internet and Why It’s Still Broken

In early 2000, the Web sites of CNN, Yahoo, E*Trade, Dell, Amazon, and eBay ground to a halt for several hours, causing panic everywhere from the White House to suburbia and around the world. After two months and hundreds of hours of wiretapping, the FBI and RCMP staged a late-night raid to apprehend the most wanted man in cyberspace — a 15-year-old kid, Mafiaboy. Eight years later, Mafiaboy, a.k.a.Michael Calce, has ignored requests from every major media outlet in North America and has not told a word of his story — until now. Using his experience as a cautionary tale, Calce takes the reader through the history of hacking and how it has helped make the Internet the new frontier for crime in the 21st century.

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