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Luna Moth: and Other Poems

In his latest collection, Steve Luxton navigates the mid-passages, facing what his favourite character, the notorious Doc Holliday, terms “the wasting diseases: Life, sonofabitch Fate, Love.” Pieces both lyrical and serio-comic weigh sickness and personal mortality, the death of a shell-shocked father, and the shenanigans of this Age’s public life. In Luna Moth and Other Poems, the poet, by now well tutored in human fragility and frailty, discovers that being alive at all in this very odd world seems “stranger by far / than salvation or personal immortality.” Nevertheless, though Fear may be “the only deity, first and last,” Luxton also celebrates the deep beauty in the recesses of nature, and, redeemingly, “a little companionship.” With both formal and experimental elements, these vividly figured, emotionally compelling poems tantalizingly sing and tartly satirize.

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