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Look For Me

Dana and Daniel were meant to be. But after Daniel suffers terrible burns on the last day of his service in the Israeli army, he disappears. For the next eleven years, Dana is obsessed with finding her husband — so obsessed that every year she takes out a full-page ad in the paper telling Daniel, “I will never ever ever ever stop waiting for you.” Dana knows that Daniel is still alive because someone is collecting his disability checks. But no one in this war-torn country seems to have any clue as to where her husband might be hiding, or perhaps no one wants Dana to find out.rnrnrnOver the course of ten days, Dana’s life is thrown into a whirlwind: first, she falls in love with Rafi, a fellow activist. And then, after more than a decade, she gets that important lead about Daniel.rnrnrnAmidst demonstrations and a violent confrontation with police, Dana is determined to bring back her husband and pick up where they left off. But life will never be the same again for Dana or Daniel.

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