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Lola by Night

Abandoning her career as a writer of potboiler romances in Barcelona, Lola Benveniste reacts to her father’s sudden death by travelling to Vancouver, the city where he spent a secret year in the 1950s. How are John Miller, a scion of old Vancouver money trying to crack the New Economy, and his sidekick Neil Simpson, in mourning over being deserted by his wife-turned-fashion-model, involved in Lola’s father’s death? And what is their connection to Herman Rossman, poet of the old downtown, who published brilliant work in the 1940s before vanishing? Lola’s entanglement with these characters takes her to Manhattan, where Rossman is leading a second life as an East Village “spoken-word” ranter. Will the questions of the past and the yearnings of the present finally be satisfied? Lola by Night is rich in atmosphere, ironic comedy, and shaggy-dog mystery – a new and entrancing work from an award-winning author with a truly original voice.

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