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Legacies of Love: Stories of Courage and Resilience

Legacies of Love: Stories of Courage and Resilience is an absorbing and heartfelt memoir written by a Jewish woman growing up in Quebec, Canada, in the era of the baby boomers of the mid-to-late twentieth century. With disarming honesty, Caryn Nash gives the reader an intimate look into her life, from childhood to grandmotherhood, through a series of true stories and original poems that reveal interesting and relatable people and experiences, set in the background of her community and culture.rnrnShe carries the reader on an emotional ride filled with humor, sadness, and unexpected turns of events, some shocking and some joyful. All will relate to the universal themes of the childhood desire to fit in and be loved, the quest for finding true meaning and one’s purpose in life, and the deepening of a connection with one’s culture and faith.rn

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