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Kubrick Red

Simon Roy first saw The Shining when he was ten years old and was mesmerized by a particular line in the movie spoken by Dick Hallorann, the chef of the Overlook Hotel, while he is giving the family an orientation tour. Hallorann seems to speak directly to Danny (and Simon Roy) while in enumerating the stock of the hotel’s pantry. His words cross telepathically into the boy’s mind: “How’d you like some ice cream, Doc?” rnrnRoy says, “The doubling of Chef Hallorann’s voice created in me such powerful unease that I can still feel it, intact, thirty years later. .”rnrnThe painstaking bond Roy has knitted with this story of evil has enabled him to absorb the disquieting traits of his own family’s “macabre lineage.” Analysis of the film, and the many parallels to his own family’s troubled history, have allowed him to gain insight into the nature of domestic violence.rn

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